Brandi Reed Feet & Soles

Born: 6/23/1983
Shoe Size: 7
Height: 5’6″

Brandi Rhodes is a “larger than life” TV personality known for professional wrestling and reality television. As the daughter in law of the late Dusty Rhodes, she is considered the “Princess of Prowrestling” to the vast wrestling community. Don’t let her pretty face fool you. Brandi is as dominant in ring as she is out, and her fan base spans the globe. She frequently performs in Japan, England and Australia, as well as all over the continental US. Public Speaking is one of her many strong points, as she has announced for live audiences as large as 108,000, Live PPV’s with audiences well into the millions, however, she can command an intimate setting just the same.

Brandi is ambitious, and full of ideas, and her audience of over 600,000 strong on Instagram can agree that they can never get enough of engaging with Brandi and following her lifestyle. Her most recent role starring on “WAGS on E!” proved the power of her personality, as hundreds of thousands tuned in just to see her and her husband Cody’s life outside of the wrestling ring.

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Torrie Wilson Feet & Soles

Born: 7/24/1975
Shoe Size: 9
Height: 5’9″

Torrie Wilson and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas made one of the most dynamic duos in professional wrestling during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Torrie spent a great amount of time in WCW, when she was not fulfilling her potential until she became the valet for The Franchise Shane Douglas. Using all the dirty tricks of the trade, Torrie was a major help to Shane Douglas during his matches.

Starting out as a fitness model, Torrie won several competitions and was on the cover of many fitness related magazines before she joined WCW in 1999. Since then, she appeared at the side of The Franchise and became a major player in WCW. In her own words, Torrie never leaves home without a cell phone and some cash.

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