The administrators of Celebs Feet and Soles are dedicated to ensuring that everyone who visits our website can rely upon our privacy policies to protect and secure any personal information that may be transmitted during your time enjoying our website. This Privacy Policy supplies full transparency and disclosure concerning the means by which information is gathered and the potential uses for such information.

We ask that you read through this statement concerning the security of data collected on our website and your rights regarding privacy of your personal information.

Our Goal: Providing Outstanding Tattoo Designs, Photos and Meanings

The team of researchers, web developers, photographers, writers and tattoo artists who create and maintain work hard to provide excellent and accurate information regarding the tattoos our visitors find interesting.

Compiling Data Enhances our Website

Site Traffic Information:

Website administrators commonly collect basic information regarding statistics about visitors to the site. A web server log compiles reports concerning who visits the site and the time and length of the visit.

Consumer Purchases Information:

Any personal information that may be obtained through a financial transaction is utilized solely for the purpose of processing the purchase and will never be supplied to any party not involved in the specific transaction. Credit card information is not stored on our website and must be entered each time a purchase is made.

Survey Information:

Participating in any voluntary survey provides valuable information used to enhance and improve our website. Any personal data and survey responses remain confidential and are used solely for evaluating and improving our website.

Email Information:

Any personal data obtained through emails sent to our website administrators is utilized only to respond with accuracy and is never shared with third parties.

Statistical Information Collection and Uses

Google Analytics and similar reporting tools collect certain types of information anonymously and analyzes this data to create reports on website trends. General information that is not personal may occasionally be shared with third parties, while personal information remains completely confidential.

Exceptions Concerning Personal Information

Our Privacy Policy strictly ensures that any personal information regarding visitors to our website will never be shared in any means not previously disclosed without also providing an opportunity to opt out of any such disclosure. There are however, certain legal exceptions to disclosure rules when such disclosure is necessary, including the following:

– Requests under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act
– Identify and Prosecute Violations of Terms of Access
– Provisions of Protection for Visitors to Celebs Feet and Soles

How “Cookies” Are Used

Temporary data files are held in the computer hard drive during a visit to a website, and this small data file, also called a “cookie”, is used to save information such as shopping cart purchases while you navigate within the site. Closing your browser closes the cookie file. Long term cookies can be established when setting up an account so log-in information can be stored.

Cookies are for your convenience and can always be declined if you so choose, either by setting your computer to deny cookies generally or choosing not to “Remember me” when setting up various website accounts.

Advertisement Cookies: Supporting Free Internet

Revenue gleaned through advertising enables websites on the internet to provide free information. Google and other third-party advertisers pay websites to allow them to post advertisements. DART cookies (double-click cookies) track search topics and web pages visited for the purpose of matching potentially interesting ads.

Opting Out

You can find more information concerning online behavioral advertising at, and you can choose to opt out and decline cookies at Google’s Ads Preferences Manager. Keep in mind, however, that you will no longer have access to customized advertising and similar conveniences related to the acceptance of cookies.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

We at are committed to utilizing the finest security measures in order to protect your privacy. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy when deemed necessary.